20 things you can use a XL swaddle for.

A swaddle can be the most useful tool a parent can pack on holiday with their baby. Yes, you can wrap you baby in a cotton or bamboo swaddle to feel secure but you can do so much more. We are talking about extra large 120 x 120 cm soft wonderful swaddles.

Meyco Swaddle XL

NIEUW!!De Swaddle XL van heerlijk luchtig hydrofiel. Ideaal voor bijvoorbeeld een dagje strand! 🏖️Binnenkort verkrijgbaar bij onze dealers.

Posted by Meyco on Sunday, 6 May 2018

Classic swaddle which we already mentioned.

Cot Sheet

Moses Basket Sheet

Pram Mattress cover

Winding a baby, shoulder protection

Wiping spit up around babies mouth

Towel after a swim

Towel after bath

Breastfeeding cover up

Scarf for mummy

Light summer blanket

Shade – hung over in the pram (classic)

Mosquito cover on pram

Change mat in a public toilet

Change mat on the bed

Comforter for baby (always buy a backup if this is your babies soother)

Covering for a carpet if baby is having a kick around on the floor.

Lay on a swaddle on a beach with your baby……Perfection!

Toddler superhero cape.

Please add your ideas in comments and we will be sure to add to the list.





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