2020 the Year of the RAINBOW

As parents we will always remember this time, these months of Covid-19. It has been extremely hard on all of us. There is no one it has not affected. #weareinthistogether


The bright side of the Rainbow.

We are blessed to have our children in our lives. They bring us joy and keep us busy. We look after someone who needs us. We need their little smiles and watching their milestones. More than ever we need to show calmness during the storm. I personally moved my kids bedtime earlier so I would have time to put my feet up at the end of the day and try and get some time for myself. I mostly spend this time working and then on to watch Netflix and drink (any, I’m not picky) wine. I started making a fire at night to slow me down and listen to the beautiful noise.

The streets were silent, this is another wonderful thing about this lockdown, we could hear the birds and the trees rustling (and bees, wasps and ambulances). We could put little rainbows on our windows and people would notice and feel something inside, which I believe is LOVE for their neighbours since we are all facing the greatest challenge of our parenthood together.

We spent quality family time. My family sat together for each meal at the dining table which we had NEVER used to do before as a family. In the past it was reserved for dinner parties which are more and more rare since having one, two and three children.

One of my favourite movements is that the world embraces the rainbow as a symbol of unity. We are sharing our TOP PICKS of our of rainbow accessories and clothes for the family. From bathing suits to dresses at a range of prices.

Top left to right:

ScandiBorn – OYOY Follow the Rainbow Wall Rug £88.95

Meri Meri Glitter rainbow hair clips £7.00

The Little White Company – Rainbow-Print Shortie £18

Stella Mcartney Rainbow Swimsuit £63

Stella Mcartney  Glitter Rainbow Bag £122

19-69 Rainbow Bar eau de parfum 100ml £150.00

Loewe Paula’s IBIZA Rainbow-Anagram foam and leather key charm £275

Wren and Glory ‘VIBEZ’ Denim Jacket– £224

Paul Smith Women’s Rainbow Lapin Trainer White SALE £137










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