Baby Bag Essentials- Hygiene during 2020

We have to celebrate having babies during Covid. Babies don’t need to go out, they don’t need to visit coffee shops or shopping experiences or dinner dates with friends. They only need healthy happy parents.

To keep mum and dad healthy we need to take care of parents hygiene and babies hygiene. One of the first advise of Covid experts was to frequently wash our hands. As babies touch everything and nearly put everything near or in their mouths we had to look after the surfaces too and sterilise more.

Parents that get out of the house and interact with friends are  happier and healthier for that human interaction and physical movement. So as we enjoy the freedom to move around and go for walks we need to pack a baby bag ready for whatever 2020 hands us.

We have put together a list of our top useful Baby Bag Essentials.

Baby Bag- washable

Wet Wipes

Nappies (disposable or clothe)

Nappy Bags

Milton Plant Based Surface spray

2 Extra large muslins (the versatility is endless)

Clean spare dummy

Clean dummy Clip (you can get the dummy clip cases for £6.95 now)

Munchkin Soother Sterilizer. No water required.

Spare Clean Baby Bottle

Hand Gel

A little healthy snack and bottle of water for the mum or dad.

Happy Adventures in 2020.




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