Bibs Official Retailer- what makes them so Cute?

We have come to love beautiful baby products that are Natural, Instagram worthy and Scandi Style.

Bibs has absolutely ticked all the boxes.

We have a highly complimentary Pluto Range of Dummy Clips to compliment each colour of the Danish made brand Bibs. We have twenty four colours or size 1, 0-6 month and size 2, 6-12 month pacifiers retailing at £4 each. We also do twin packs for £7.50.

The soothers are made of a natural material which is natural rubber. The Danish pacifier brand has been in business for over thirty years. The round face shape of the pacifier has been designed to face away from the delicate cheeks of the baby. Less irritation and more cuteness.

Please remember that the lifespan of a dummy is 3 months. Check the dummy regularly to make sure there are never teeth marks or tears. If so please dispose immediately.


Nibbling offers a “Keep Clean Dummy Case” that can hold 2-3 bibs dummies or a Bibs dummy with a Nibbing dummy clip attached.


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