Keep Talking: Mental Health Matters

Mental Health Awareness Week has just passed us by but that doesn’t mean it’s messages need to!

Now more than ever, we are talking openly. With our children, friends and family, conversations are being had with honesty that are making a huge impact.

Wonderfully, we are encouraging this in the classroom as well as at home. Something as small as holding open a door for a stranger, inviting a friend for a coffee or asking someone how their day is can shift a perspective.

It may seem insignificant but it is these littlest of gestures that can have tangiable effect.

50% of mental health problems are established by age 14. This means we have a responsibility to keep talking, keep loving and keep compassionate with small acts of kindness and patience to be there for our loved ones.

Let’s make a change.


Written by: Caitlin Maggs

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