Keeping Up with the Five-A-Day!

We are told eating five fruit and vegetables a day is the way to go. Everywhere we hear of the importance and benefits. But is this goal-number really realistic and achievable or an ideal to strive towards – but always slightly beyond reach?

While we crave a snack. It’s easy to grab a box of raisins instead of a bag of crisps when you realise the astounding health benefits.

There’s no doubt eating natural foods leads to a healthy gut, lower fat and calorie intake. Amazing stuff!

We absolutely love how wonderful the Healthy Eating Menus in schools are also reinforcing great habits in children at a young age. This is encouraging to see.

For sure, eating a variety of fruits and veggies can also help to reduce the risk of long-term health conditions, such as obesity and type 2 diabetes.

But have we got any pearls of nibbling-wisdom to help make the dream no.5?

Mixing fruit in meals, incorporating vegetables into soups, sandwiches and being more adventurous in the kitchen definitely helps this five-time goal to become achievable!

You can fit more than one portion of vegetables into a meal and opting for fruit snacks after school is a great energy winner – as well as an affordable option!

Why not get cooking and see how many colours of the rainbow you can squeeze into one dish?

Have fun is our best advice. Eating five a day can become a part of your normal diet with a few small adjustments and some clever and creative planning.


Written by: Caitlin Maggs

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