Bola Pregnancy Necklace

Mama and Bola pregnancy necklaces.

To celebrate pregnancy as an incredibly special time between a mother and baby is a given. To make it even more special we have designed a line of Bola Necklaces (also known as harmony necklaces). The tradition of wearing an “Angel Caller” chime necklace over the womb comes from Mexico. A gentle shake of this pendant releases a soft chime sound that brings inner calm and harmony to mother and baby. Each of our unique pregnancy necklace designs has hand selected tassels and semi-precious stones to give each mum-to-be a unique design. We also offer extra long silver plated chains on some designs, cord necklaces on six of our most modern styles and a limited edition semi-precious encrusted stone chain.

This can be a beautiful gift for a newly expecting mum that she can later pass down to her child. Each necklace comes with its own keepsake pouch and customisation is available on request.

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