Nibbling Teething Necklace

Nibbling teething jewellery, made with parents in mind.

Parents want to be stylish too! With our baby safe silicone teething necklaces and bracelets (available in matching pairs) you can accessorize without worrying about baby’s grabby hands and choking hazards. Approved by parents, babies and paediatricians, our range of teething necklaces and bangles is perfect for both baby (suitable from birth) and parents. Made from non-toxic easy to clean silicone, these stylish accessories keep mum looking fabulous and baby content whilst soothing their sore gums on the cool, soft and safe material. Our Natural Range of teething jewellery has untreated hand-finished wood beads cleverly combined with silicone beads to give an extra tactile and eco-friendly feel as well as giving baby some different textures to soothe their gums on. All our teething necklaces feature a breakaway clasp, to ensure safety for baby at all times and ultimate comfort for parents.

Cleaning the jewellery is simple to help parents save time! Silicone teething jewellery can simply be popped in the dishwasher, hand washed or steam sterilised. Jewellery with wood should be wiped down with a warm soapy cloth.

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