Nibbling is very proud to be offering a personalisation service of Dummy Clips and Teething Rattles, made from medical grade BPA-free silicone and beech wood. We have four different options of silicone letter beads; white, light grey, pink and blue letters. We also have unique “Nibbling accent beads” and different coloured silicone clip. All Nibbling products come in a custom packaging with safety instructions.

Let’s design a beautiful gift! Made in London with love.

  • Personalised Mint and White Teething RattleSilicone Wood Nibbling Candy Rattle Ring
  • Personalised Blue and White Teething Rattle
  • Personalised Black and White Teething Rattle
  • Neutral-Personalised-Gift-Set
  • Personalised-Dummy-Clip-Silicone-PearlTiara-Blush.Personalised-Dummy-Clip-Silicone-PearlTiara-Blush
  • Personalised Dummy Clip Pomogranate
  • Personalised Dummy Clip Berry

Our Best Sellers

  • BIBS_Boheme_4pack_forest_nibbling
  • BIBS_Boheme_Vanilla_peach_4pack
  • BIBS_Pack _4_Boheme_Lake