Save a Child’s Sight

Nibbling proudly supports “SAVE A CHILD’S SIGHT”, an Italian crowdfunding campaign for the Department of Neonatal Intensive care of Milan Children’s Hospital Buzzi.

The money will be raised to donate a valuable piece of equipment, a RETCAM, used to diagnose retinopathy in premature babies, which can lead to blindness.

Click HERE to learn about this initiative and to donate.

The idea comes from an Italian music producer, MAXIMILIAN RIO, together with the Cuban producer and actress YULI DEL REY. Several artists from the Italian entertainment world have freely embraced this initiative, sharing the common thought behind the project: offering real help to many children.

The starting point of the project was to meet families who lived directly or indirectly the experience of a premature birth. Through their stories, Del Rey Studios produced two short videos, to show the world that there are such babies, who must fight for their lives, just seconds after their birth, and we can help them in those painful moments. These babies are powerful, and can overcome the situation and there is just one thing can help them to carry on, the RETCAM.

We can help these weak premature babies, to SEE, to Live.

EDOARDO RASPELLI, gastronomic critic, journalist and the conductor of MELAVERDE on Canale 5, actress and conductor IULIANA IERUGAN, author and music producer MAXIMILIAN RIO, actress and producer YULI DEL REY and the singer/songwriter Daniele Stefani and the radio journalist ROBERTO RASIA DAL POLO and many others, helped this project until now.

Anyone wishing to contribute immediately can make donations through the Eppela website https://www.eppela.com/obmonlus

For more information about the events and more, please check the hospital’s official website www.ospedaledeibambini.it


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