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Memorable Gifts for Babies

Personalisation is Classic

With the hundreds or thousands of Christmas Gifts out there wouldn’t you rather buy something hand made by an artisan?

Spirit Of Christmas, the kick off of Christmas shopping in London was buzzing with stylish and savvy customers looking for unique gifts. Nibbling exhibited for the second year in a row. Fellow stands that seemed to be busy with transactions were not the ones with cheap products sold in volumes from China with low price tags but the well crafted items that were hand made. The personalised items including luggage tags, beauty cases, sports bags, pillow cases and purse straps. The more it was personalised the more attention it earned.

At Nibbling we have fallen in love with Personalised gifts. From Jewellery that you select the charms to sports bags that you customise the initials.

For a lovely gift under £20 you can have a personalised Teething Rattle or a Soother clips with your babies name on it. We added date of birth rattles to the

From the week of December 3rd to 10th, 2019 we are offering gift boxes on all personalised Dummy Clips. This included the Royal Clip and the Classic Nibbling personalised clips with small Nibbling Stars.

Our Top Picks

Pomogrante Personalised Dummy Clip 

Royal Girl Dummy Clip

Royal Boy Dummy Clip

Have a very special Christmas with your little ones.


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