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  • Blue Nibbling Placemat

    Must Have Baby Bits from, the famous Parenting blog, has selected the Nibbling Silicone Placemat in Blue as one of the Must Have Baby Bits. My Baba aims to help women with their decisions; to help to cut through the great mass of information available and simplifying things that SHOULD be simple. Motherhood should be a joy….choosing a pram should not […]

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  • Nibbling Teething Necklaces

    My Baba Top 10 Teethers

    Top 10 Teethers for Babies My Baba 18 May, 2016 Baby, Parenting Teething is a miserable time, for both baby and parents. It’s important to get your baba a good teether, and we’ve put a column together with 10 of the best. I really like the idea of the fridge kept teethers, and we’ve included […]

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  • Nibbling Rattle Ring

    Rattles are the best baby toy

    My babies have always favoured toys that are easy to grasp and rewards them with a sound. So it was very clear to me that Nibbling must offer a stylish chewable rattle. Here are the reasons that babies love and LEARN from rattles: coordinate eye movement, this is called tracking learn grasp reflux learn fine […]

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